Creating exceptional homes in the heart of Mallorca

Our projects

Premium properties that we would want to live in ourselves, in fabulous locations that reflect our shared passions for quality, comfort and sustainability. Every detail is considered, from the use of local materials to how the sun lights up a room throughout the day and the year.

What sets us apart

Unique properties in splendid locations offering the very best of island living. Our own building and design team delivering a quality of feel, finish and look to meet the highest international standards. Clear focus on sustainability and future-proofing. Celebrating and using local materials and resources. Investing in our local community. Keen knowledge of Mallorquin planning and Spanish legal systems. Long standing relationships with long term clients from all over the world.

Come join us at any stage of the development journey: commission us to find you a suitable property, buy off-plan or simply pick up the keys to your beautiful new home.