We are lucky enough to have recently chosen Alaro, Mallorca as our home, and we were delighted to commission local building company P&Y to renovate and extend our beautiful town house when we arrived in 2019. In working with Jess and Francois we unexpectedly found two people who not only share our experience of developing spectacular spaces for sustainable living and working, but also our passion for this island and a rare obsession with detail. And how brilliant that Jess grew up here and speaks both Mallorquin and Spanish. It seemed an obvious – and exciting – step to pool our resources, ambitions and talents. And so Coertze & Clacher was born, to create beautiful homes with soul right here while creating employment and opportunity along the way.

Rachel & David Clacher

‘Creating beautiful homes with soul right here while creating employment and opportunity along the way.’

Discovering hidden gems in areas of the island that we love, and realising their potential! What’s not to love? Through Coertze & Clacher we do all of the things that we are passionate about and good at: consider all sorts of possibilities for new projects, new and old buildings; work hard with our dedicated and growing team of builders and designers; celebrate this island’s natural resources; and push for ever higher standards in quality and sustainability. It’s all a voyage of discovery and one we love sharing with our clients.

Jess & Francois Coertze

‘Discovering hidden gems in areas of the island that we love, and realising their potential’

Our philosophy

We build houses that we want to live in, in places that we love. Every detail, no matter how big or small, is an obsession.


An impressive history of award-winning domestic, commercial and yachting projects in South Africa and the UK as well as Mallorca.

Properties that connect the ‘real Mallorca’, nature and community. In places where it is easy to enjoy island living.

Design & build quality

Our own building team and design team deliver a quality of feel, finish and look to match the highest international standards.

​Locally sourced products. Renewable energy. Energy management.


The right people in the right place doing the right thing at the right time. All world class.

What we do

We find the right plots of land or stunning buildings in the heart of the island that are waiting to be developed into beautiful homes.

Interior and landscape design

The finishing touches for inside and out, beautifully done. Interiors and furnishings are considered at design stage and each space furnished to reflect and develop the house’s character.

Concept and design
Our team of architects and designers work together to imagine and create world-class, sustainable and beautiful buildings that embrace the character, history and traditions of Mallorca.

The buying process can appear complex: we endeavour to make it as straight-forward as possible with complete transparency, legal guarantees and warranties that bring complete peace of mind.

Our in-house building and design teams take the concept from paper to reality, with a laser focus on quality, detail and using local materials.

Property management

Our knowledge of how the island works, as well as every home we create means that we are ideally placed to also manage properties on behalf of our clients. The purchase of a Coertze&Clacher property is often the start of a long-term relationship.
(for Coertze&Clacher homes only)